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E1E10 often work with clients to provide audits at a number of levels - for technical staff right through to the board level. In most situations we will tailor our Data Centre audit reports to meet client's exact requirements and address specific issues, but in general we work on two levels of Data Centre audits.


Basic Data Centre Audit

Our high level Data Centre audit is for organisations looking to gain a quick insight into their current data centre and will help identify any quick wins to improve the facility and long term improvements. These reports are often presented to members of the board.

One day on-site to review the following

  • The location of the site and surrounding infrastructure/buildings

  • The layout of the Data Centre

  • Layout of plant - mechanical and electrical

  • Service resilience


  • Our report will include the following:



  • Provide detailed report of findings

  • Identify quick wins to improve the environment

  • Summarise longer term improvements



Thermal Qualification Testing

E1E10 Ltd. have recently been accredited with approval to carry out thermal qualification testing for Group Schneider.

E1E10 Ltd. have built up a proficient, professional and reliable testing service to compliment the supply of the legendary Hotboxx renowned as the most accurate server emulator on the market.

Standard Data Centre Audit

Our standard Data Centre audits offer a more in-depth look at your Data Centre and includes everything our Basic level audit inspects.

One to two days on-site looking at the Data Centre in more detail:

  • Site location

  • Data Centre layout

  • Resilient services (data, power and water)

  • Building design, structure and adjacencies

  • Mechanical and electrical plant

  • Age of system

  • Functionality

  • Maintenance regime

  • Scalability and flexibility

  • Capacity

  • Remaining serviceable life

  • Power supplies

  • UPS, generator/s and transformers

  • Wiring

  • Risk

  • Hidden costs

  • Data Centre management

  • Data Centre security

  • Data Centre and operational strategy

  • Provide detailed report of findings

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses

  • Summarise ways to improve and enhance the facility

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