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Liquidwatch-II-2 1080 square.png
LiquidWatch is a point leak detection system designed to detect liquids using discrete probes. It’s intelligent probe sensing system can monitor up to 64 probes and 16 programmable relays.

The LiquidWatch II is a highly modular leak detection system designed to detect water and volatile liquids using discrete probe with fast sensing response time. The system is expandable up to 64 probes and alarm relays. The system can monitor probes up to 20,000ft away when connected to the Remote Probe Module (RPM-8).

With the built-in intelligence at the control panel, the LiquidWatch system can operate as a standalone system or connected as a networked solution.

  • Senses organic liquids (hydrocarbons and solvents) or water

  • Up to 64 probes and programmable alarm relays

  • Vapor and gases are ignored

  • Intelligent HMI interface for easy setup and diagnostics directly at the panel

  • Customisable passcode login to ensure maximum security

  • Built-in ethernet port

  • Comprehensive event and alarm logs stored locally

  • Dimensions: 350mm x 300mm x 102mm

  • Weight: 6.6KG

  • Can be mounted to wall through holes on back of panel

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