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The Industry's Most Reliable Liquid Leak Detection System
PAL-AT is a high-performance monitoring system engineered to protect your data centre facilities from water or chemical ingress. The highly versatile leak controller system is capable of monitoring both cable and probe sensors located below or above data room flooring 

  • Locates multiple leaks without loss of accuracy or sensitivity

  • Locates breaks and shorts

  • Stores information with time and date

  • User-friendly

  • S-232 serial port

  • Accepts probe and cable sensors in one sensor string

  • One cable for all liquids or multiple cables for differentiation (user's option)

  • AT40K and AT80K monitor up to eight separate cable strings when equipped with Cable Expansion Modules

  • UL Listed and FM Approved to provide intrinsically safe sensor cable output circuits for Class 1, Division 1, Groups C & D hazardous locations

  • Modbus RTU interface available

  • Optional output relay system.


PAL-AT®'s technology operates similar to radar. Thousands of times each minute, safe energy pulses are sent out on sensor cables. As these energy pulses travel down the cable, reflections are returned to the monitoring unit and a "map" of the reflected energy from the cable is stored in memory. The presence of liquids on the sensor cable, in sufficient quantities to "wet" the cable, will alter its electrical properties. This alteration will cause a change of the reflection at that location. When the PAL-AT recognizes a change, it enters into alarm mode and displays the location of the liquid. After the leak alarm is acknowledged, the current condition of the cable is stored in memory as a new map. This becomes the base line for the system, allowing PAL-AT to continue monitoring the cable for new leaks, breaks and/or faults.

Security System 

PAL-AT requires a security code entry before accepting an alarm acknowledgment and writing or erasing data from memory. This feature limits access to only those employees who have been authorized to perform the advanced functions.

System Archives

Date and time history of all significant events including power failure, cable leak/fault/break and alarm silencing are permanently stored in non volatile memory providing a documented record of system alarms and operator interfaces.

Output Relays

Two SPDT output relays rated for 10 A@ 250VAC, are activated when a fault occurs. This permits remote annunciation of alarms or activation of control devices wired to the monitoring unit.

Intelligent Interfaces

PAL-AT has a standard, RS-232 serial interface which provides intelligent communication to computers using PALCOM® Communication Software. Refer to the Communication Options Data Sheet or the Modbus RTU Interface Option for detailed information. ASCII commands can allow other monitoring systems to interface to the PAL-AT system.

Output Relay System

The optional Output Relay System provides 4 to 60 additional alarm relays. Each relay can be assigned to activate if a leak is detected in a specific section of cable. This provides precise control when a single cable string monitors several pipes or sensitive areas.

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